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Sustainable Innovation

We ensured that R&D activities continued during the pandemic, confirming the strategic priority to innovate in support of the energy transition process. In order to intensify exchange and discussion with the entire value chain, we have invested in the creation of an ecosystem, a multi-stakeholder partnership.


Empowering customers to meet their energy and communications goals

To us, innovation means meeting the needs of our customers and communities by understanding their business drivers as quickly as they do. Our team of over 900 Research & Development professionals looks around the corner each day to see what’s coming next in each of our markets.

Our ability to innovate is what makes us a market leader, with a track record of delivering products that are faster, smarter and more sustainable than before. In other words, products that are simply better.

2020 numbers


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R&D centres

Group R&D is responsible for the overall innovation strategy, aimed at making Prysmian a key player in the value chain supporting Energy Transition, Digitalization and Sustainability. Local R&D centres participate actively in new product development, the Design-to-Cost (DTC) program and the rationalisation of product families. The Design to Cost program represents a tangible initial example of this model. Using the best materials, adopting efficient processes and implementing innovative projects, this program has achieved in 2020 cost savings totaling more than Euro 42 million, with more than 1,800 projects completed at our manufacturing plants.


In 2020 Prysmian continued its development of a new range of micro blowable cables with “Pico” tubes. The new tube technology, combined with the use of 200µm optical fibres enables loose tubes to be made smaller, resulting in significantly lower cable diameters and the introduction of Sirocco HD, a new range of cables. The use of Sirocco HD provides reductions in the volume of plastics used by approximately 50%.

Prysmian Group’s solar PV cable portfolio consists of a full range of quality solar photovoltaic products, renowned in the field for their easy installation, reliability and longevity attributes and complying with all major international standards.

The Crete Peloponnese project met significant technological challenges, far exceeding what has been achieved so far in similar international projects. These are mainly the length and the maximum installation depth. Prysmian decided to face this challenging target developing an innovative cable solution with a synthetic armour together with all the necessary improvements on accessories and installation methodologies for a safe and reliable deployment of the link. The link has been installed successfully in 2020 and represents most powerful 3 core design cable transporting 200 MW, installed at the maximum depth of 1000 m

In the field of the EHV application for DC current, Prysmian pursued the development and industrialization program of 525 kV extruded cables systems, after the successful completion of the pre-qualification tests at 525 kV obtained in 2019 for the two qualified solutions: XLPE and P-Laser. In the case of XLPE, other two prototypes were produced in two different Prysmian Factories and are now under PQ test according Cigre TB 496. In the case of P-Laser, the Prysmian proprietary technology to produce thermoplastic recyclables cables, other pilot production runs were performed in Gron Plant (France) aimed at industrializing the technology and increasing reliability of product performance.

Global leadership through innovation


Being a leader means knowing how to innovate. Our forward-looking R&D team knows how to push our boundaries to find ways to make next-generation cables that are lighter, tougher, and greener.


Our pursuit of knowledge makes us the best in class.


Our 25 R&D centres give us the advantage of being close
to our customers in local markets.

Combining expertise, creativity and innovation to deliver world-firsts and world-exclusives
Thanks to our intense R&D activities and major investments, Prysmian’s products are market leaders.

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