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R&D team Overview of our Group


Global leadership through innovation

Being a leader means knowing how to innovate. Our forward-looking R&D team knows how to push our boundaries to find ways to make next-generation cables that are lighter, tougher, and greener.

We use our market leadership, tap our vast research knowledge and experience, and leverage our extensive network of partners and universities to deliver energy and telecommunication innovations that make a difference to our customers’ bottom lines.

«As the industry leader, we have the responsibility to shape the industry with innovations that will deliver on future energy and communication needs of our communities»


Srinivas Siripurapu

Chief R&D and Innovation Officer Prysmian Group

The R&D mission

Our mission is to focus on quality and know-how to identify innovative and efficient solutions and technologies in order to create new products and services that put us ahead of our competitors. We work to reduce production costs for both existing and new products, to lower environmental impact, and to add value for customers.

Our Research & Development team’s mission is to facilitate the development and continual improvement of cabled infrastructures for the transportation of power and information that enable our customers to achieve their energy transition goals. We strive to make longer and more efficient submarine cables that can be laid at greater depth; optical fibre solutions that can pack the largest number of cables into the tightest space; and ever-more powerful underground cables to transport energy for longer distances. Prysmian Group was the first in the industry to qualify both 525 kV XLPE and P Laser solutions for underground cables and has developed the first high-depth submarine cable with synthetic armour.

We are transforming the optical fibre landscape with the super-high density FlexRibbon, and the 180 μm Fiber Nano cable.

A Business Model balanced by segment and geographical area

The diversified portfolio of activities is a strength for the Prysmian Group, as the only global leader with a business model balanced among areas with differing profiles, where each segment plays a precise role in the overall strategy, considering stability, growth potential and the generation of opportunities.

While the positioning of the Prysmian Group as a cable manufacturer remains central, part of our activities makes us a network solution provider, drawing on the ability to integrate ever more closely the various components - engineering, installation, network monitoring and after-sales services - to provide value-added services that ensure recurring revenue streams and build long-term partnerships with customers.

Alongside this, the Group is also able to identify and develop value-added market niches – such as solutions for the elevator industry, cables for multimedia applications, monitoring solutions developed by Prysmian Electronics – while releasing the synergies needed to be cost-effective and offer end-to-end solutions integrated with advanced digital equipment.



Group R&D is responsible for the overall innovation strategy, aimed at making Prysmian Group a key player in the value chain supporting Energy Transition, Digitalization and Sustainability.

Local R&D centres participate actively in new product development, the Design-to-Cost (DTC) program and the rationalisation of product families. The Design-to-Cost program represents a tangible initial example of this model.

Using the best materials, adopting efficient processes and implementing innovative projects, this program has achieved in 2021 cost savings totalling more than Euro 42 million, with more than 1,800 projects completed at our manufacturing plants.


Our DTC methodology

We have continued to focus on new solutions to optimize costs via the Design to Cost (DTC) program, using better materials, efficient processes and innovative designs. This program has achieved in 2020 cost savings totalling more than Euro 42 million, with more than 1,800 projects completed at our manufacturing plants. These projects deliver improve productivity and lower materials consumption resulting in a lower environmental impact from our products.

Investing in R&D

Prysmian Group's spending on Research, Development and Innovation was approximately Euro 107 million in 2021, confirming its steadfast commitment to and focus on sustainable long-term growth. The company’s investments include developing new products and solutions using fibre-sensing electronics, sensors, artificial intelligence and robotics.

The merger between Prysmian and General Cable, in 2018, has created a R&D powerhouse. We are investing in digital tools that enable efficient collaboration across our worldwide R&D community giving it ready electronic access to critical know- how, be it on our materials, designs or through technical experts.

Our goal is to be the most efficient we can in ‘connecting the dots’ to serve our customers and protect the environment.

Focusing on high technology projects

Our engineers are passionate about what they do, whether it is developing a more sustainable material, adding more transmission capacity to a cable, or improving a production process in one of our 108 factories.

The R&D team has a patent portfolio of more than 5,600 key innovations, which not only represent technological advantages but also have a lower environmental impact than the solutions they replaced.

Here is just a selection of the breakthroughs that we have brought to the global market over the past few years: